Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts for 2015

10 Best Africa-related Travel Blog Posts in 2016

One of the best places to travel to is Africa. Rich in history and tradition, Africa never fails to amaze travelers with its numerous wonders. From the vast, vast Safaris to the huge Mt. Kilimanjaro – Africa has it all. To help you know about travel destinations in Africa and give you a teaser of the wonders waiting to greet you, we have compiled the 10 best Africa-related travel blog posts in 2016.

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Peter Gostelow – The Big Africa Cycle

10 Best Africa-related Travel Blog Posts in 2016 Peter Gostelow

A travel blog depicting the adventures of Peter Gostelow, a seasoned traveler, is a great place to start. With over 50,000km experience of touring Africa, Peter’s travel blog will give you everything you need to know about your impending Africa tour. From popular African tourist destinations such as South Africa and Tanzania to the lessrenowned ones including Oman, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somaliland – he has visited them all.

This travel blog postshares the statistics of Peter’s cycling trip from Mwanza to Muscat. These stats not only help you plan your tour efficiently but also make for excellent reading. These include Total Distance Traveled, Cost of Visa (including duration), Cost of Tour, Hardest Country to Cycle through, Easiest Country to Cycle through, and even the Number of Beers consumed!

The Guardian – How to safari in South Africa on a budget

10 Best Africa-related Travel Blog Posts in 2016 Vanessa Raphaely

While the Guardian is primarily known as a news outlet, it also features travel blogs.This travel blog post,in particular, focuses on visiting South African safaris –on a budget.

Visiting a safari can be quite expensive. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from including a trip to a safari in your holiday, as there are ways to get around this obstacle.By following the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog, you can enjoy an awesome safari experience during your trip to South Africa. These tips include visiting a safari out of season, following the locals’ practices and looking for online deals. Moreover, you get to know about many different ways of spending nights during these safari visits. You can rent guesthouses, tent at one of the wilderness camps, or hire bush cottages for a night.

Beats the Office – Welcome to Morocco, My Friend

10 Best Africa-related Travel Blog Posts in 2016 Beats the Office

Another wonderful travel blog-post fromBeats the Office showcases the travel tales of Richard Senior visiting Morocco.

In this blog post,Richard talks about his visit to Morocco, where upon arrival he found it hard to find a bus which would take him into town, and later on how he was bombarded by hordes of ‘helpful’ locals offering to help him get around town. Eventually, he had to give in to the persistence of one such ‘good guy’, who showed him to his hotel – and then demanded 200 Dirhams for his services.

This travel blog can come in handy if you are planning to travel to Morocco.

Helen in Wonderlust – This is Kenya

10 Best Africa-related Travel Blog Posts in 2016 Helen Wanderlust

This blog entryrelieves Helen’s two-week tour of Kenya with her friends. From having their car break down in the unbelievably bumpy roads to spending an amazing safari daywhere they witnessed the Great Migration,to watching a magical sunrise from a hot air balloon – this trip had it all. You also get to read about some Kenyan delicacies, such as a meal of potatoes, greens, ugali, nyamachoma, and tomato and onion with chili, followed by Tusker beer.

Wanderlust Movement –Road Trippin’ to Cape Point

10 Best Africa-related Travel Blog Posts in 2016 Wanderlust Movement

In this post, Lauren Melnicklets readers know about her visit to Cape Point National Park, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cape Town. It also features a trip to Misty Falls, analluringsection of the coast.

There are many tips and other helpful information in this post which will help potential visitors to Cape Point National Park.For instance, the opening times and entry fees are all listed, along with some sights and activities you simply cannot miss, including:

  • Cape of Good Hope
  • Diaz Lookout Point
  • Hiking the shipwreck trail
  • The Lighthouse Keeper’s Trail
  • Exploring the world-famous dive sites

Eager Journeys – Volunteering in South Africa

10 Best Africa-related Travel Blog Posts in 2016 Eager Journeys

This blog post by IgaMotylska, which was featured in Khuluma Magazine, explores volunteering in South Africa at a legitimate wildlife conservation project. It lets you know that volunteering can be just as enjoyableas visiting popular tourist destinationsand certainly leaves behind a huge positive impact.This blog post also clears a common misconception regarding volunteering – it does not include any interaction with the animals whatsoever; rather, it involves doing everything from scrubbing their enclosures to preparing their food.This allows the animals to live their own lives rather than being ‘humanized’.

Mapping Megan – Kilimanjaro – The Best and The Rest!

10 Best Africa-related Travel Blog Posts in 2016 Mapping Megan

As the name suggests, this travel blog post is about Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. The climb up the mountain ishard and requires a lot of willpower, endurance, and stamina. However, all that hard work pays off once you reach the summit. This post includes the various costs of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and even throws in some pointers on how to get good bundle deals.

go2africa – Africa’s Best Family Destinations: Safari in Botswana

10 Best Africa-related Travel Blog Posts in 2016 go2Africa

This travel blog featuring a safari experience in Botswana is one of the most extravagant blog posts in this list, as it includes flying between locations within a destination. It provides you with two major advantages –giving you more time to explore individual locations andallowing youto enjoy a bird’s eye view of the locations when traveling from one to the next. This post also lets you know of the many different types of activities you can enjoy, such as quad biking, canoe safaris, motor boat adventures and fishing for tiger fish. It is the perfect family holiday trip.

Adventurous Kate – How to Rock a Trip to Johannesburg

10 Best Africa-related Travel Blog Posts in 2016 Adventurous Kate

This blog depicts the story of Kate, a solo female adventurer, and how she rocked a trip to Johannesburg. She includes some terrific tourist spots to visit, including the Sterkfontein Caves (aka the Cradle of Humankind) and Carlton Centre (the tallest building in Africa), as well astouring the city on the CitySightseeing bus tour. You can also read about the Gautrain – Johannesburg’s awesome, sleek and modern subway train. For accommodation, Kate recommends 54 on Bath – an incredibly classy boutique hotel.

yTravel – 5 Places to Visit in Namibia

10 Best Africa-related Travel Blog Posts in 2016 YTravel

The final blog post in this list focuses on the 5 best places to visit during a trip to Namibia. These include:

  • Sossusvlei–The top tourist attraction in Namibia, this place is so vast that despite there beingnumerous tourists you can still experiencecomplete solitude in here. It also becomes unworldly and magical at sunrise.
  • Etosha National Park –One of the best wildlife viewing parks in all of Africa, this place is a must-visit for all travelers. Littered with many watering holes, it is relatively easy to spot animals too –you can see them as they come for a drink to cool down from the sweltering Namibian heat. You should make sure to wear the right safari clothes to boost your chances of glimpsing lions, giraffes, and wildebeest.
  • Fish River Canyon –One of the largest canyons in the world, this is one place that needs to be seen to fully appreciate its true beauty. Although you can descend 550m to the canyon floor, that option is open for only a few months because of the hazards posed by heat and flash floods.
  • Kalahari –Stretching across several countries, the Kalahari is one of the largest deserts in the world. It is a sight to behold when visiting Namibia, as the deep red sand contrasts splendidly with the thorn bushes and acacia trees lining the horizon.
  • Skeleton Coast – This part of the country is famous for two reasons – having frighteningly unhospitable conditions as well as being home to a massive colony of seals.
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