10 Must See Attractions in Cape Town

10 Must See Attractions in Cape Town South Africa

The 10 must see attractions in Cape Town South Africa include Table Mountain, Robben Island and Lions Head. Cape Town is a wonderfully vibrant city; very developed Cape Town feels like many other major western cities but with a more laid back atmosphere.
South Africa is a hugely diverse nation and as such this is reflected in the city’s set up. With influences from around the world all culminating in South Africa you can find a restaurant of every kind in this buzzing city centre.
South Africans are super fond of a barbecue, or a bray as they say. Be sure to check out a classic South African barbecue on your visit. While you’re at it, try on biltong too. This dried out beef steak is a favourite amongst South Africans; if you don’t like it, don’t tell them!
When thinking about your South Africa packing list there is no need to panic; both Cape Town and Johannesburg are modern, westernised cities and as such you will easily be able to purchase all your home comforts. Pack light as there are plenty of opportunities for shopping in Cape Town!
South Africa generally has a bad reputation for being unsafe, in fact, the opposite is true. South
Africa is one of the safest countries in Africa to visit ; provided you are courteous and respectful
you will have no trouble in Cape Town.

Table Mountain

Must See Attractions in Cape Town South Africa

No trip to Cape Town, South Africa would be complete without a trip up Table Mountain. This
flat topped mountain stands proudly over the Cape Town cityscape and if you climb to the top
you will be welcomed with amazing views of the city below.
You can either choose to hike up Table Mountain or use the cable cars, depending on your fitness. Table Mountain is a relatively easy mountain to climb and you need little to no training before you set off. The routes are well signposted so you won’t get lost.

Table Mountain is one of the highlights of a trip to all of Africa, not just South Africa.

Table Mountain National Park

Must See Attractions in Cape Town South Africa

So, we’ve talked about Table Mountain as a mountain but what about the National Park as a whole. There are few cities in the world that lie so close to protected National Park lands but Cape Town is one of them. Located just outside the city lines the Table Mountain National Park is just waiting to be explored.

[Essential Gear]

South Africa is a nation of outdoors lovers and adventurers so be sure to get your explorer’s cap on when you arrive in Cape Town. Table Mountain National Park is 88 sq miles so there is plenty to explore! There are a number of different hiking trials to follow that all offer spectacular views and great photo opportunities for you and your travel buddies.

Robben Island

Robben Island is an island located in Table Bay. So tiny, just 2 miles in length and 1 mile in width the island is  a lasting symbol  of “the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, suffering and injustice’’. Robben Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and as such is protected and preserved.

Robben Island the UNESCO World Heritage Site is the prison where Nelson Mandela when imprisoned for 27 years. Robben Island, for many years was a prison and a hospital for people who were deemed ‘socially unacceptable’. As such, Robben Island’s history can be a sad tale to learn but vital for understanding South Africa’s varied history.

Victoria and Albert Waterfront

Must See Attractions in Cape Town South Africa

The Victoria and Albert Waterfront is a lovely way to spend an afternoon and you may find yourself coming back time after time during your stay in Cape Town. Located on the Atlantic shore in the Table Bay Harbour the Victoria and Albert Waterfront is full of luxury, high end shops for you to explore.

The Victoria and Albert Waterfront attracted over 23 million tourists every year so it is certainly a must visit location in Cape Town! The Victoria and Albert Waterfront has many different restaurants and bars for you to choose from; a lovely place to watch the sunset over the harbour, with a cocktail perhaps?

Lion’s Head

Must See Attractions in Cape Town South Africa

Lion’s Head is another of Cape Town’s natural wonders. Nestled between the mighty Table Mountain and Signal Hill Lion’s Head rises 669m above sea level and like with Table Mountain offers amazing views over the city.

Lion’s Head is very steep so be sure to put your best hiking boots on and bring some water too! The views from the top are well worth the hike!

Two Oceans Aquarium

The Two Oceans Aquarium is a great rainy day activity or if you’re travelling with children. That said, if you’re a lover of marine life then the Two Oceans Aquarium is certainly the place for you! Located on the Victoria and Albert Waterfront the Two Oceans Aquarium is very easy to find.

Established in 1995 the Two Oceans Aquarium is home to marine life from the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean too, hence the name Two Oceans Aquarium. Home to some of the most amazing fish, sharks and aquatic animals the Two Oceans Aquarium is a great day out and opportunity to learn about marine conservation.

District Six Museum

The District Six Museum was established in late 1994 and is a museum about the former inner-city residential area. The District Six Museum tells the story of the lives of the slaves, artisans and merchants who used to inhabit the area, the most downtrodden people of Cape Town of the time.

The District Six Museum houses some amazing, and harrowing photographs as well as artefacts and historical material that is very interesting to obscure. Like Robben Island the District Six Museum is a perfect opportunity to widen your understanding on South Africa and Cape Town as a whole.

South African Jewish Museum

The South African Jewish Museum finds its home in the very heart of Cape Town. The South African Jewish Museum is dedicated to the long history the Jewish community has in Cape Town and in South Africa too. The South African Jewish Museum has some brilliant audio and visual displays for you to observe and learn from.

The South African Jewish Museum features historic and contemporary information and artefacts and houses the world’s greatest collection of Netsuke (Japanese miniature art). The South African Jewish Museum represents the history of the Jewish community around the world too, their plights and their successes too.

Heart of Cape Town Museum

Must See Attractions in Cape Town South Africa

The Heart of Cape Town Museum lies a little away from Cape Town city centre and central business district. The Heart of Cape Town Museum tells the story of the world’s first heart transplant performed by the Groote Schuur Hospital.

The Heart of Cape Town Museum recalls the work of Professor Christiaan Neethling Barnard who led the first ever heart transplant and how his work has shaped and influenced the world of medicine forever!

Slave Lodge, Cape Town

The Slave Lodge, Cape Town recalls the history of the slave trade in South Africa and all over the African continent. Although hard to think about at times the Slave Lodge, Cape Town is worthy of your visit. The grand building is impressive and stately but the acts that occurred there over time should not be forgotten.

Not only a location for human interest the Slave Lodge, Cape Town is one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town and holds architectural significance too.

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