10 Best Places To Travel Alone In Africa

Travelling Solo? 10 Safest Places For a Solo Trip In Africa

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Traveling alone is an adventure that every individual must experience once in their life. Africa is one such exotic destination where you must travel solo. But due to the media’s bad reporting, people think that visiting this continent is dangerous especially if you going solo. In reality, Africa has the friendliest and kindest people you will ever meet. And the hospitality they have for foreign visitors is unmatched.

The locals love to teach visitors things about their rich culture and tradition. In this blog, you can find out the 10 safest places to visit in Africa. They are rich in culture, are beautiful and traveling here is easy and safe.

So, let’s start!

10 Best Places To Travel Alone In Africa

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  1. Botswana

It was once ruled by the British Empire. But now it is freed and is one of the stable democratic countries of Africa. Exploring this city is easy and it is a safe destination for solo travelers.

Most of the population in Botswana speaks English. This is great as communication will not be a problem and you can get to places easily.

Some of the attractions are- mokoro ride which is a canoeing ride. This will be a memorable experience for you. Another thing you can do here is watch the animals in their natural habitat.


  1. Mozambique

If you love beaches and nature, Mozambique is a place you must definitely visit. It has so many things to offer like palm trees, restaurants that serves delicious local food and seas with rich underwater life.

It is safe and full of adventure and a must for any kind of travelers.


  1. Rwanda

This destination attracts a lot of tourist due to its wildlife and nature. Its incredible tropical forest is just amazing. News of violence and crime is less here. The most famous activity here is to visit the Nyungwe Forest National Park. It lets you hike and trek through the forest. Also, 13 different species of primates can be found here while trekking.


  1. Namibia

The governance here is great which means good safety measures. Next, to Botswana, this is another safe destination for solo travelers due to its good governance. It has a stable economy so lots of options for fun activities. A must visit place is Etosha National Park. It has 114 mammal families and 300 bird species for you to watch.


  1. Ghana 

One of the most stable and safe countries of Africa, Ghana is a popular tourist destination. Visit this city anytime and enjoy the exotic beaches like Busua here.

Some of the main attractions are: old forts, diverse wildlife, colonial buildings and native shrines.


  1. Kenya

The no. 1 tourist destination of Africa is Kenya. It is beautiful and is popular for its safaris. The best safaris are Maasai Mara Reserve that is popular for its annual wildebeest migrations. Also, another safari to Amboseli National Park will allow viewing Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro at 5,895m. The locals are always friendly and eager to meet tourists.


  1. Gambia

It is ranked as one of the safest destinations of Africa. The capital Banjul is safe and easy to explore. The locals here are friendly and helpful. The Gambia has a stable currency and functioning system and infrastructure.


You will find some of the best beaches in their pristine form here. Bijilo is one such sandy beach with not many hotels/restaurants. This makes experiencing the local life easy.


  1. Morocco

People consider it the best place to live in Africa. Some of the best attractions here are:


  • Djemaa el-Fna Square
  • High Atlas Mountains
  • Deserts

Also, the people from the Berber dynasty are extremely friendly and will help you feel safe here.


  1. Tanzania

You can find the tallest mountain of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro here. The people of Tanzania are warm and caring which reflects in their culture too. It is home to every African culture merged together. Some of the main attractions you must visit are:

  • Manyara Lake
  • Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater
  • Also, for safari lovers, it has a number of them to keep you hooked.


  1. Seychelles

Seychelles is a hidden gem of Africa. It is hardly news for something bad. Petite Anse and Mahe are two places which you must definitely visit. They are beautiful, peaceful and have an easy-going lifestyle. Most of the small islands have been converted to a national park. This lets the government keep them intact while also allowing travelers to visit them.

Africa has so many beautiful places that you would want to check them all off your list. Travel like a local here and make some new friends. Also, let me know which city you want to visit first from amongst the above list. Also, every safe place on Earth needs alertness from petty crimes and harassment. This is also true for Africa, but it doesn’t mean that it is dangerous place to travel.





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