5 African honeymoon destination you haven't considered franschhoek

5 African Honeymoon Destinations You Haven’t Considered

What is the destination that first comes to mind whenever you think about the honeymoon? What is that place that you keep dreaming about and wishing you had the ability to spend your honeymoon, anniversary or even you hope you can go and propose to the love of your life? Well if you are like most others, the common place you will think of is Italy, the Bahamas, Greece, Hawaii, Mexico or Paris. If you have the budget, you will consider Malta, Austria, or London. However, do you know there are numerous other places you can go for honeymoon and still make the best out of the trip?

Although all the above places will make a perfect destination for a honeymoon, you can still enjoy your love to the fullest while in African. Here are a few African honeymoon destinations you never knew of but are worth considering.


5 African honeymoon destination you haven't considered

Morocco has been constantly described as the outskirts of Europe. It has a medieval and majestic feel to it that makes it a place you must visit. You also get to experience the culture of the people in North Africa. Of course, while in Morocco, you must visit the Djemma el Fina which comes alive from 10 am with henna tattoo artists and street theatres. There are also a wide range of chefs that will cook you the best foods.

Masai Mara, Kenya

5 African honeymoon destination you haven't considered leopard

Let your honeymoon be filled with cultural experience from the Masai community in Kenya. If you are lucky and your honeymoon coincides with the annual wildebeest migration, you will never forget the day. At the expansive Masai Mara National reserve, you will enjoy ballooning at dusk, which is a grand event here. Additionally, you will go for bike riding around the park, take a walk for two as you share your love to the fullest.

Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania

5 African honeymoon destination you haven't considered
Unrecognizable man sleeping on floating boat against of green hills and cloudy sky along the Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania

Come and relax in some of the most romantic hotels around that are yet to be discovered. Right on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, there isGreystoke hotel in Mahale National Park. Here everything is just romantic; it just keeps you in the mode of love. Relax at the beach with a forest behind, white sand and stunning blue lake, and the best trekking chimp. If you are planning on a one-week honeymoon, you will not even exhaust the beauty of this place.

Lake Malawi, Malawi

5 African honeymoon destination you haven't considered Malawi

This place offers the best romantic getaways around the world. Although it’s yet to be discovered, you are sure you will be proud to bring your lover to this sides of Africa. Everything is just fantastic and romantically arranged as if nature was preparing for you. Play hide and seek amidst the mango trees and enjoying swimming in clean lake water just like that. Once you plan your honeymoon here, you can rest assured your woman will not be disappointed in any way.  The lake is limitless, and you will enjoy everything about it. Don’t forget romantic dinners and fabulous rooms juts to spoil your union.

Franschhoek, Cape Town, South Africa

5 African honeymoon destination you haven't considered franschhoek

Want to take your love to the moon and back as you are looking for a honeymoon destination? Cape Town is the land of love in the whole Africa. Here you will not only find love with your partner but also at the Camps Bay luxury villas. The setting and interior arrangement just speaks love. While you are at Franschhoek, you will enjoy the atmosphere that much resembles France. Therefore, if you are working on a budget and maybe you once had dreams of going to France for your honeymoon, you will get the same experience her. Think of the roadside cafes and so much more.

Don’t limit yourself or keep postponing your honeymoon just because you are yet to find the right budget to sustain you while on vacation. These untapped places in Africa will drive in the sense of love in a way that you have never thought of. Additionally, you will be the first one to visit therefore you will live to tell stories to generations to come of your experience. It’s time to think outside the box and see the world with a different eye as far as your honeymoon is concerned.

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