5 Best Surf Spots In Africa

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Surfing requires strength and dedication to leave sight of the shore and get lost amidst the waves. Along with love for the water, surfers adore adventures and thrill. If you’re a surfer in search of the most enchanting waves, Africa has come to your rescue. With a coastline that extends to more than 19,000 miles, you can experience astonishing surfing sessions here. All you need to do is grab your paddle and leave the house.

From ravishing Morocco to the stunning waters of Cape Town, you can experience everything at a single place. Be it the calm Indian ocean or the aggressive west coast; every site has something new to offer. Also, the fun gets doubled up with the support of your acquaintances. Don’t wait, go ahead and fetch the much-needed adrenaline rush in the water of Africa.

Keep reading to know more about the surfing sessions in Africa and the places to seek out.

Surfing Sessions Along The Southern Region

Image by Alan Robb from Pixabay

If there’s one place that you should definitely surf at, then that is South Africa. The southern regions have some highly adventurous beaches and scenery to die for. What could be better than enjoying a breathtaking view while you fulfil the desire to run along the waters? With Jeffery’s Bay at your side, you don’t need any other place to surf. The place has really enchanting surf spots like the Kitchen Window, Boneyards, and Impossibles. You can also head over to the Supertubes and Magnatubes for a different experience.

Apart from Jeffery’s Bay, other surfing destinations are Kommetjie, Noordhoek, and Durban. South Africa will surely fill up your memory lanes and provide few really enthralling surfing experiences. Book your tickets and reach this surfing heaven for life-changing surfing sessions.

Enjoy Aggressive Surfing In Morocco

5 Best Surf Spots In Africa Morocco
Image by hs-gestaltung from Pixabay

Situated towards the northern part of the region, Morocco boasts some amazing surfing sessions. The wild waters of Morocco will surely leave you mesmerized and in need for more. You can choose the Taghazout Fishing Village as your first surfing destination. While surfing, explore the various points like anchor’s point, killer’s location and the hash point. If you still feel some deficiency, go ahead and experience the adventures of Dracula’s spot.

Apart from this, you can also consider Agadir’s Crescent beach for highly smooth surfing. Other surfing destinations in Morocco include Essaouira and Imsouane. Get lost in the waves of Morocco and achieve happiness amidst the beaches today.

Explore The Calmness of Senegal’s Waters

5 Best Surf Spots in Africa Senegal
Image by karim R. from Pixabay

If you’re looking for a calm yet fulfilling surfing experience, move over to Senegal’s waters. Almadies and N’Gor Island in Senegal offer highly smooth and sweet waters. With reefs at a short distance, you can explore the nature on point breaks. Dakar coast has the waves for every surfer, be it beginners or experts. If you’ve just started surfing, prefer Almadies water. However, for the experts out there, N’Gor Island holds the wildest experiences.

Senegal’s gem has also been listed in the movie Endless Summer which makes it one of the best. Apart from the waves, even the area is worth exploring with a breathtaking view and eloquent history. So, pack your boards and reach this heaven for the best surfing session of your life.

Learn The Surfing Secrets Of Namibia

Image by JP Desvigne from Pixabay

Amongst the endless surfing destinations in Africa, Namibia is the most unexplored one. You can explore the hidden gems of Namibia at the Skeleton Coast. The freshwaters and high waves of the skeleton coast is surely something you don’t want to miss. With over six point breaks which are both long and left hand, surfers experience a fulfilling adventure here. Not just the waves, even the best point break i.e. skeleton bay comes under the six pointbreaks of this coast. At skeleton bay you’ll also find the famous barrel, a 2.1 km long wave that runs along a smooth sand bank.

Along with the hidden points, there are also some points that are impossible to access. One of them is the Ovahimba Point at the Skeleton Coast. If you ever find yourself stuck at any place, just refer to the scratch-off map in amazon. It’s accuracy and an extra-precise detailing will surely land you at a safer place.

But beware, a very cold current runs up the Namibian coast. Cool people surf here.

Treasure The Adventures Of Mozambique

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

It’s about time that you mesmerize your eyes with the beautiful reefs of Mozambique. Instilled with the best right-hand reef points is this African surfing gem that leaves surfers craving for more. Tofinho Point is considered to be one of the most preferred surfing destinations on the African premises. Along with nature, this point if suitable for both left as well as right-handed surfers. The water is entirely consistent and warm, which makes this place ideal for astonishing winter surfing.

Apart from the waves, you also need to consider the wind when you’re going to surf. The winds are best from June to August. Explore the waters of Mozambique with the best surfboard and paddle today.

Bottom Line

When it comes to surfing, there’s no better place than Africa to fulfill your water cravings. The region holds surfing points for both left and right-handed surfers. With over hundreds of locations and reefs, you can enjoy smooth as well as aggressive surfing sessions. For the expert surfers, Taghazout and Namibia are the go-to places. If you’re trying out your hands-on surfing, go for the calmer points at Senegal.

You can also explore the antiquities of South Africa at the Jeffery’s Bay and other famous points. Overall, Africa will never disappoint the surfers when it comes to embracing the waves.

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