6 Ways For Women To Stay Safe When Traveling Alone

6 Ways For Women To Stay Safe When Traveling Alone

Most common questions sent by the solo female travelers are mostly related to the safety. So there’s always a time when you feel so worried about being alone, and even your friends or family are suggesting you that it’s so scary to go out into the outside world on your own. So today, we’d like to share with you how to stay safe when traveling alone.

Stay Safe on the road…

As a solo female backpacker, traveling abroad is always seen as a risky and daunting, but it, in fact, does not have to be. Travelling the earth independently is definitely one of the most-badass things that you can do.

Our expert tips hopefully help you to minimize any of these risks and make your stay safe anywhere else. People love to discover the endless wonders of the earth, which is an absolutely rewarding experience! It allows you to see with your own eyes and do or encounter things that most people will just dream about.

6 Ways For Women To Stay Safe When Traveling Alone

However, things are getting more dangerous if you travel without preparing yourself beforehand. So what’s the secret here? The first tip out of our 6 ways for women to stay safe when traveling alone is to sharpen your intuition. In other words, it means you need to be more aware of your surroundings.

Besides, the locals will see you as a little girl on her own, so that makes them just want to help you than harm you. Now we’ve collected the best safety tips for women who travel along, and this is what they suggested:


You should always trust your intuition, for instance, if you tend to couch surf but the whole situation makes you feel uncomfortable, then just leave without overriding your gut instincts. In this case, make sure that you’ve already had another alternate accommodation in your mind. Don’t hesitate to print it out or basically jot down its address.

It could be one of those nearest hostels so you’ll be able to know where else to go if your original arrangements both go south. Besides, try to be more open to the positivity by not assuming everyone to be out to get you. Your journey will be honestly “safe” whenever you find all folks so friendly and enthusiastic.


6 Ways For Women To Stay Safe When Traveling Alone Camping

We’re pretty sure that there are always the best ways for women to stay safe when traveling alone. And you need to consider a great number of things for sure, but don’t forget the true necessity of planning for your safety. It’s because you’re not about to rely on everyone else.

There’s always a moment that you’ll suffer a mishap and once it occurs, you just cannot reach outside assistance. So here’s the best camping checklist to run through:

  • Camping shelter
  • First aid kit
  • Protective clothes and gears
  • Food & drink


6 Ways For Women To Stay Safe When Traveling Alone Bus

In some countries across the world, it’s easy to find some great public transportion that exclusively serve women only. In general, they’re usually in the form of carriages or seat sections for females on some specific trains and buses. You can find them right across some countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, Japan, India, Malaysia, or some areas of Indonesia and Philippines amongst so many others.

Most of them are ideally designed to hinder the harassment to make females feel safer on the public transport.


Try to lower your profile as much as possible when traveling to a strange place. This is a major thing to do if you want to keep yourself safe. Though this tip can be applied to most men, too, they’re specifically used for women. In order to do this, make sure to be more selective in the way you wear or dress up according to the local culture and custom.


At least pack some necessary things before kickstarting your oversea travel. Out of them, always bring your international phone cards in case you truly need them. This is also one of the best 6 ways for women to stay safe when traveling alone. Consider your travel insurance, which does not only include medical & dental emergencies but also reimburse you if you lost your baggage, or due to delays, cancellations, car damage and more.


Build the close connections right in the country you’re traveling! Don’t mind asking around on Facebook or only locals when you’re not sure about anything. For example, you can ask a friend whether she knew anyone here who you could travel together with. Who knows? Her nephew might be enjoying school holiday and would love to accompany you!

If you still like the idea of being a solo traveler, then don’t miss our 6 ways for women to stay safe when traveling alone. Do follow them and prepare yourself the best possible you can afford.

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