7 Amazing Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wine Tour Destination

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The concept of wine tour itself is very amazing for the good food and better wine lovers but while choosing the destination one has to be a little cautious and picky. The holiday dreamy destinations for checking out a few of the best wines in the wineries are in plenty, left alone the renowned destinations like France. These destinations not only offer some of the finest wines but also have facilities for the delicious food to boot, served at the winery or vineyard.

Choosing the right itinerary for your type of wine tasting tour require certain research and tips so that the most out of tour can be made. Otherwise, one may go with already known producer/places missing out the other that are lesser known.

A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Wine Tour Destination Are

  • Choose the best trip advisor and travel guide – must be a reputable and unbiased travel source

The years of experience regarding traveling and tourism in the wine region can help you taste the wines from the best wineries that are well-known as well as lesser known but offering the best in their business. Their experience can let you have the best memories on your visit to the vineyards because a luxury wine tour is more than just having experience.

  • Look for the right type of atmosphere
Amazing Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wine Tour Destination Franschhoek
Franschhoek, South Africa

If you are a romantic at heart then go for the destination that offers ample of scenic beauty such as Franschhoek, South Africa. If you are interested in visiting historical or famous wineries then you can choose places like France which are known for its deep color and full-bodied red wines.

Try out Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico wineries if you are a cheese lover, as these offers the opportunity to enjoy the utterly divine flavor of Baja cheese with a glass of wine, produced in it proximities.

  • The true reason behind the wine tour

Decide the actual reason behind organizing wine tour and thereafter decide upon the destination. If you are looking for a peaceful and a new environment then your destination can be an open countryside such as Napa Valley or Sonoma wine tour, California.

If you are artistic wine enthusiastic you can visit some of the finest wineries in Australia that has on its platter, the chance to blend vintage wine brand of guest’s preference. And if this is not enough, the guest can carry home their blended flavours for their delight.

If tasting America’s first premium shimmery liqueur is your glass of choice (instead of a cup of tea) the paul masson brandy is your call. It is a new delivery by E&J Gallo Corporation having a combination of their new spirit and wine. The wine offers a unique fusion of premium vodka, Moscato, and natural fruit flavors, for great taste and looks glamorous with the shimmer produced in it just after shaking the bottle before use.

Amazing Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wine Tour Destination Cape Winelands
Cape Winelands

For the wildlife lovers, Cape’s Wineland route, South Africa, is an ideal choice as it has the largest and the most beautiful number of certified wineries in the world. Besides seeing wildlife like Lion, Cheetah, you can also see tons of exotic birds at ‘World Of Birds’. the World’s largest bird sanctuary.

If you consider the sheer area from the coastal areas to the plains of the little Karoo, the total number of 560 wineries and 4400 producers cultivating grapes for vineyards is not surprising. Visit the promising vineyards, undiscovered camping terrains and mountains of Cape Town, South Africa for a firsthand viticulture experience. A great way to explore all this is to rent the Landcruiser Prado with a Prado roof rack.

  • Consider before choosing the destination what is your kind of wine

Be determined about your taste and the kind of wine you prefer and want to try on your tour before choosing the destination. A wine tour in Chile can help you taste the old favorites and the chance to explore new that will make a long lasting impression.

If you are a novice wine lover, you can try the Napa Valley wine region, embarking the train especially commuting for wineries or enjoy guided motorcycle adventure tour to the wineries, experiencing the process of winemaking and flavor profiling.

  • Time of visiting the wine tour destination

The time period that you choose to have a wine tour helps choose the destination in the best manner as different wineries offer the best taste of their produce at a different time of year. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Douro Valley, Portugal, has the best time to visit the wineries in late September or early October when the visitors can enjoy wine cruise to explore the beauty of the region on water, sipping world famous White wine.

  • Maintain an adequate time gap between visiting different wineries

It is always better to have an appointment before visiting the winery because they have their own rules such as a limited number of permits, staff on hand to give the guest the required attention and many others. Fix up a prior appointment and try to visit only two to three wineries a day so that you can truly experience and enjoy what you taste at these heavenly places called wineries.

  • Want to club lunch picnics with the wine tour

If you are traveling with the family and want to enjoy lunch picnics at the winery with festivities that includes traditional dancing, live music, wine tasting and much more, and then decide upon the destination such as Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico or Piedmont, Italy. Visitors can enjoy luncheon party at the estate’s winery with the traditional food served for the visitors.

Amazing Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wine Tour Destination Piedmont
Piedmont Italy


During the visit in La Rioja, Spain one may plan to inspect and enjoy the wine culture prevalent in the Southern part of Haro by visiting Vivanco Museum in Briones during the latter half of June month. The wine-splashing craziness of Batalla del Vino is self-explanatory and welcoming during Haro’s wine festival.


The choice of wine tour destination as is driven by a number of factors but to quote “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” always choose the destination that let you enter the terrain of joy in each and every place you visit. Keep a check on the quantity of wine you can digest each day because sipping & tasting may ultimately lead to the large quantity consumed. Visit the place where language is not a big barrier so that you can make out what the locals explain. Maintain a journal to keep the best memories jotted down frequently and afresh.




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Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes an interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine.

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