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Advantages of Wildlife Videography with a GoPro Camera

It can be quite difficult to capture great wildlife videos, especially when you take into account that professional equipment takes up a lot of space and that you’ll have to carry it around in all kinds of weather and across different types of terrain. However, when the GoPro cameras hit the market, the whole videography scene changed. More changes have occurred over time, and these cameras have begun supporting 4K resolution video recording. This has made these devices very useful in a variety of situations.

Let’s take a look at the best advantages that the GoPro has to offer to those who spend a lot of time filming wildlife.

Camera Size

DSLR cameras are commonly used in wildlife photography and videography; however, they are quite big, making them harder to manage in a lot of situations. The size of the GoPro camera is one of the biggest advantages that videographers have experienced, opening up a variety of possibilities for their shooting angles.
It is a compact device that can be easily carried around all the time, giving videographers the option of capturing any particular moment they are presented with. This is something that was impossible in the past, as camera device were just too robust.

Robust cameras

Another amazing feature that GoPro cameras come equipped with is a highly durable body that is waterproof and shock resistant. This makes this product an incredibly useful all-in-one device that can be used for underwater videography as well, making it easier for professionals to capture the underwater wildlife. This type of durability is something that was never noticed before in cameras, which is one of the main reasons why it is used for capturing amazing moments in a variety of extreme sports.
But this leads us to the direct result of this level of robustness, an impressive amount of different angles that can be used.

Variety of New Filming Angles

Wildlife Videography with a GoPro Camera Video Angle

This robustness of the device has inspired the third-party mount makes, who have made it possible to attach the GoPro to practically any body part or on a variety of different devices. This has made it possible for videographers to add a completely different set of filming angles to their style of filming.
These are some examples how GoPro cameras are being used for filming various unique circumstances:

Shooting in rain – Shooting in rain was something that was not practical a couple of years ago, as a majority of devices were not water resistant. However, things are completely different with GoPro, giving the video makers a perfect chance to document how rough the terrain becomes during and after the heavy rain.
First person videos – Attaching a GoPro to any part of your body is very easy. This gives video creators the chance to the to take shots that will completely immerse the viewers, making them feel like they are in the middle of a jungle, a desert or swimming next to a dolphin. Creating this kind of experience was impossible, as all of the cameras were handheld, which created an odd viewing angle of close-up shots.
Animal or RC Car Perspective  – Creating a great experience for the viewers can be achieved by attaching the GoPro camera to an animal, or RC car and sending it close to animals. This approach allows taking amazing shots much easier, as you can give your viewers a glimpse of a life of any animal in the world.
Access to tiny spaces – With a GoPro and variety of accessories that come with it, it is possible to take amazing videos in smaller places that would be practically impossible to reach with a regular camera. This is a very great advantage that these cameras offer, making them much more useful for a great number of wildlife videographers.
Taking shots like this was impossible in the past, as the cameras were pretty hard to handle, however, with the development of the GoPro cameras, this has become a standard in wildlife videography.

Additional Options with Purchasable Accessories


Because most camera does not come with optical image stabilization (apart from the latest GoPros and Sony models – Ed), there is a product developed separately which gives the videos a great professional look, as if it was mounted on professional piece of gear. This gadget is especially important in wildlife surroundings, as the videographer is constantly on his feet, taking various video angles in which shaking can make the whole video useless.

Wildlife Videography with a GoPro Camera Image Stabiliser

A GoPro ready drone is another device that is perfect for taking amazing, bird perspective videos. This is a great improvement, as any videographer is now in a position to take amazing shots with only a little bit of creativity and dedication.

Taking this type of videos was reserved only for big companies such as National Geographic or Discovery world, as they had budgets big enough for helicopter or airplane flights. Nowadays, anyone can make a normal investment for those amazing bird perspective shots, which also keep the videographers safe, as they do not have to come near the dangerous animals.

GoPro is great because unlike other action cameras, it now supports filming in flat profile, which makes the post editing process much easier for professionals and amateurs alike. The rest of the shooting mods are very impractical for post editing, which makes this a great feature that the device now supports.

Time Lapse

Wildlife scenery is often breathtaking, but capturing all of the moments is sometimes challenging. With a GoPro, though, videographers are in a position to place the camera in a very interesting place, allowing them to take very immersive time lapses that leave the viewers impressed.

Time lapse is not a new feature, however, videographers in the past would have to stay with the big equipment and pay attention to it, but with a device such as GoPro, a videographer can place it in a great location and be safe in the knowledge that it is not going to be damaged, due to its robustness, and go about their business.

These are the best benefits that this little and compact camera provides for its users. The little sensor has brought quite a lot of change in the videography industry, as the compact and resistant body has made it possible to take amazing angles, creating completely new types of videos, without any major financial investment.

Cover Photo by Mandy Goldberg.


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