Best Africa Webcams Satao Camp Cam

Best Africa Webcams – Kenya, Botswana and South Africa

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Mpala LiveCam, Lakipia County, Central Kenya

Best Africa Webcams Mpala

Not only does such weather make Lakipia a pleasant place for tourism, it is ideal for wildlife that rests beautifully in the county’s dense wilderness. This also allows safaris and tourism, all throughout the year. The Mpala LiveCam features a series of camera spanning from fever trees to hippo pools, and all the way to the river, where the animals visit frequently to drink water.

These cameras capture breathtaking visuals from the wild. From hippos and monkeys running from leopards, to dik-diks and giraffes grazing, the visuals have a lot to tell about the amazing natural beauty that Kenya has to offer. These cameras are part of the Mpala Live! Project supported by the Mpala Research Centre.


Live Web Cam, Chobe Game Lodge, Botswana

Best Africa Webcams Chobe Game Reserve

The Chobe National Park features one of the biggest population of animals in the whole of Botswana, a country that’s well known for the astounding natural spectacles that it has to offer. To accommodate nature-lovers from all over the world, the National Park features the Chobe Game Lodge, which is built on the finest international standards for the ease and comfort of its guests. The Lodge’s Live Web Cam features a breathtaking view from the Chobe broadwalk and deck, and looks out to the river bank.

This is an amazing view for game-watching. This is because the location entices very large herds of elephants, antelope and other animals that turn to the river for a drink. With guiding zooming and focusing, viewers can get a good look at the action that goes around throughout the day. It is an excellent chance for people around the world to get a taste of what it’s like to witness wildlife, in the heavenly serene settings of Botswana.

Satao Camp Cam, Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Best Africa Webcams Satao Camp Cam

The Tsavo East National Park forms half of Tsavo, which is the largest national park in Kenya, and one of the largest in the world. The East National Park features an excellent flat terrain, decorated with dry plains and the Galana River. Other places to look for include its popular plateau and falls. This versatility in their terrain allows many different animals to make the area their home. From impalas and elephants, to hippos and baboons, you can easily see something happening almost all the time.

The Satao Camps in Tsavo East National Park feature luxury camping accommodation for tourists. The camps are placed at beautiful locations inside the park, and are perfectly equipped with the finest living facilities that can fit inside a camp. The Satao Camp Cam features a view of what it would be like to live in a Satao Camp. The camera is placed very strategically, ensuring that it has a good eye on the action. The location is studded with the finest sceneries and wildlife that make Kenya so popular.

Olifants River, Naledi, South Africa (AfriCam)

best africa webcams olifantsriver naledi

Rivers are an excellent source of life. When water makes its way through dry, barren land, it stirs life into its surroundings and invited wildlife to make itself at home. Throughout Africa, rivers serve as hubs for local wildlife. The Naledi Game Lodge in South Africa witnesses the flow of Kruger’s rare perennial Olifants River. This is where wildlife converges, which is exactly why it hosts the Africam.

It’s located in the Naledi’s Enkoveni Camp, an area of high activity because of the river. Baboons, hippos, leopards and jackals can very easily be spotted. For those with patience or luck, the views often zoom into breathtaking action. For those who prefer to just look at nature, the camera gives you calm, serene visuals of animals drinking and grazing, all throughout the day. It gives viewers an opportunity to experience what the days and nights are like in the heart of Naledi, South Africa.

Nkorho Cam, Nkorho Bush Lodge, South Africa (Africam)

best africa webcams nkorho pan

One of the many wonderful places to be close to Nature in South Africa, is the Kruger National Park. Dense wilderness, with just the right plains, plateaus and rivers, all of this allows wildlife to thrive in full bloom. In the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, the Nkorho Bush Lodge hosts tourists from all over the world that come in to witness all the exciting forms of Nature first hand.

The lodge is well known for the excellent safari that it has to offer, in addition to the comfortable accommodation and lavish cuisines that it has in store. The Africam rests on top of the Nkorho Pan, where most animals come in to quench their thirst. It provides a fascinating view of the area, and is always focused on the action that goes around all day. It is often that you would see a predator approaching stealthily towards the pond for food, and the prey making a run for it!

Pete’s Pond, Mashatu, Botswana

best africa webcams petes pond

Botswana is well-known for its immense reserves of natural beauty. One of the gems that it has in store is the Mashatu Gamer Reserve. Covering an area of over 72000 acres, the reserve features a beautiful landscape studded with forests, hills, plains and ridges. This diversity allow wildlife to thrive in the area, and to provide an excellent experience to the tourists that come in from the world over. The camera on Pete’s Pond focuses on the area’s waterhole where animals flock all throughout the day to drink.

This is also where predators focus to fill their stomachs. All of the action can be seen from the camera mounted on a decent height, overlooking the entire area. The camera first got fame from National Geographic is but now maintained by WildEarth. The organization asks volunteers to control the camera and to post updates and sightings online for people to keep updated. Elephants, impalas, lions and baboons can almost always be seen in a day.

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Izak Van Heerden
Izak is a writer, photographer and wildlife enthusiast. When he moves on from this world, he does not want to leave his grandchildren a planet without lions, rhinos and elephants.

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