Festivals around the world Holi

Best Festivals Around The World To Celebrate Life

Every country has its own cultural traditions that may seem strange to countries around the world. Festivals all around the world have a specialty which is crazy and fun that includes religion, food, music, folklore, and more. How they were celebrated and how they originated, some dating back to their era and its roots.

We have listed here some of the best festivals around the world:

  1. La Tomatina, Buñol, Valencia, Spain
  2. Holi, India
  3. Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea
  4. San Fermin Festival, Spain
  5. Oktoberfest, Germany
  6. The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

1. La Tomatina, Buñol, Spain


Its a real tomato war between the citizens of Bunol town. La Tomatina celebration hung on consistently on last Wednesday in the period of August in Spain.

It is rewarded by the Secretary Department of Tourism as the “Festivity of International Tourist Interest” in 2002. People really enjoy the festival and from a few years, back visitors try to come to the festival and get indulged in it, to gain the experience of this tomato celebration.

2. Holi, India

Festivals around the world Holi

Hoil is the cultural root festival of India which gives the message of victory of joy. Its an invite celebration of spring and played with hues and blooms.

Holi is intended to be the significant celebration of India. It is full of life and is celebrated every year at the end of the winter season, though the date fluctuates depends on the full moon.

People by forgetting all the complaints of each other and you can feel the love in the atmosphere.

3. Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea


Boryeong Mud Festival is the celebration done on the mud pad. This festival is performed annually in summer month in Boryeong for several days.

This mud celebration is first begun in 1998 and by 2007 it’s been famous among a great many individuals around the globe. It’s fun playing with mud with your friends in hot summer days.

4. San Fermin Festival, Spain

The festival of San Fermín held annually is a historically rooted celebration in the city of Pamplona, Navarra, Spain which goes for week-long. The Running of the Bulls will really be fun when you are before them and been chased by them in the streets of Pamplona.

Apart from this, you can join in the dancing mannequin parade “The Roar” with the crowd kicking up a ruckus with drums and whistles in front of the local council office.

5. Oktoberfest, Germany

Festivals around the world Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest is the biggest fest among the whole world and its been a tradition of Bavarian culture since 1810. Its a festival with cheering the mug full of bears and dishes of food all around.

This festival in German covers over 80+ rides, 14 extravagant beer tents, and various types of food which you haven’t seen ever before. This festival is held every year in midweek of September to the first week of October.

6. The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Fesival Rio

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is recorded as the biggest carnival in the world and goes for 5 days every year in months of February or March before 40 days of Ester.

Its a sense of energy, passion, and pride among the citizens of Brazil. People can sing, dance and have lots of fun during the carnival. This carnival has the world’s biggest Samba street parades. You will literally enjoy the craziness in the air in Rio De Janeiro streets.


We are feeling a festive mood, especially in Jubel. This is a time to reflect on last year’s events and expect everything to come next year. Taking into account this fact, we realized that we do not want the festival to end, and in practice, it is never necessary! We chose the favorite festivals all over the world so as not to stop celebrating and joy.

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