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Enjoying an Unforgettable Stay at Nairobi’s Giraffe Manor

(Cover Photo by Eduardo Zárate)

After you set your travel dates and buy your plane ticket, the next step is booking a hotel. You want to stay somewhere nice but also somewhere that doesn’t break the bank—totally understandable. Luckily, the famous Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is the perfect place to stay.

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If you want more than just the bare minimum from an ordinary hotel, then stay at Giraffe Manor. Not only does this boutique hotel have impeccable service and accommodations in each room, but it’s centered in the middle of 140 acres of forests. The private lands of the hotel have extraordinary gardens and courtyards for you to enjoy. However, the most exciting aspect of Giraffe Manor is its endangered Rothchild giraffes that roam around day and night. That’s right, you heard correctly: GIRAFFES. What other hotel has an adorable, gigantic animal walking around and poking its head in your window? None that we know of.

By this point you should be booking your hotel room at Giraffe Manor (because who doesn’t love giraffes?). But if you still need some convincing, here are some attractions and incredible accommodations at Giraffe Manor that will make your stay unforgettable.


Safari Tour Adventure

The safari tour adventure has to be the most enticing attraction at Giraffe Manor. If you book the safari package through The Safari Collection, you’ll enjoy guided safari tours through the lands surrounding the hotel. All the tours are private, so you can see exactly what you want to see. Your tour guide makes sure to tailor the tour exactly to your desires. You’ll have the opportunity to write the sights you’re itching to see in the description during the booking process. Lions, giraffes, rhinoceroses, and more roam the open fields freely. So tell your tour guide which animals you’re most excited about, and they’ll make it happen.

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Breakfast with Giraffes

Have you ever eaten breakfast with a giraffe? No? Well you won’t be able to say that again after your stay Giraffe Manor. During your breakfast, the giraffes will stick their heads through the windows hoping for a snack. You can feed them a treat and even pet them through the window—just watch out that they don’t steal your breakfast right off your plate!

Explore the Giraffe Sanctuary

You can take a guided tour of the giraffe sanctuary or walk the grounds yourself to see the majestic African native animal roaming around. Or if you want to see another fascinating animal up close, you can visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on the grounds and feed baby elephants—and maybe even foster one! The elephants are endangered, many of them being orphaned and in need of homes where they’ll be safe. Customs may be against you bringing an elephant on a plane back home, but you can at least spend some quality time with them during your stay and make them feel loved.

Afternoon Tea

Giraffe Manor - Scott Chacon

(Photo by Scott Chacon)

Every afternoon the hotel staff serves afternoon tea on the beautiful terrace as the sun sets behind the exquisite hotel. This is a perfect time to relax from your long day of playing with remarkable animals, and spend some down time with your friends or family. The giraffes will still be roaming the grounds as you enjoy your tea. Who wouldn’t want that view? A dazzling, orange-pink sun setting behind towering giraffes as they elegantly glide across hills. Sounds pretty amazing, huh?


Accommodations are one of the most important things to consider when choosing the perfect hotel. You probably have a list of necessities you’d like check marked when making your decision, and Giraffe Manor most likely checks them all off the list.

The best part of the accommodations at this hotel is that there’s only room for 25 guests maximum at a time. Loud neighbors can ruin a nice getaway experience, but luckily Giraffe Manor eliminates that problem with its mere 10 rooms. You’ll have all the privacy you want, and certainly a good night’s rest.

Another significant accommodation feature of Giraffe Manor is that you can explore its grounds. Just check out a sightseeing vehicle at their leisure and venture into the wild. And the best part of this is that the vehicles are chauffeured. You won’t have to try and juggle navigating the grounds and taking awesome pictures to make all your friends jealous back home. Instead you can just focus on making your friends jealous with the beautiful photos you bring home!

Giraffe Manor - Visiting Kenya

(Photo by Visiting Kenya)

Worrying about expensive meals won’t be a damper either as all your meals and (most of) your alcoholic beverages are included in your stay. You’ll be taken care of personally by the head chef David Kisevu and waited on by the head waiter Eddie Mwiya. Giraffe Manor wants to make sure you and all your fellow guests have the best experience possible—an obvious feature based on the intimate dining experience.

Hopefully by now you are convinced that the attractions and accommodations at Giraffe Manor are just too amazing to miss out on. So book your room at this one-of-a-kind hotel as soon as possible and enjoy your stay!


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