Experience Luxury and Adventure in Night Safari in Africa Lion

Experience Luxury and Adventure on a Night Safari in Africa

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A night safari in Africa is a once-of-a-lifetime experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Good game drives aren’t limited to daytime hours; at night a whole new cast of Africa’s spectacular animal kingdom takes the center stage. A powerful spotlight, a warm jacket, a good guide that knows all the hangout spots and a camera with a wide aperture are your friends as you embark on your journey of discovery.

A Night Safari in Africa Is a One-Of-A-Kind Experience

Private lodges and national parks alike offer you early morning and night drives. What makes a night safari a one-of-a-kind feat, is that it offers a view of nocturnal species that you don’t normally see during the day like genes, aardvarks, and civets. There are other areas that feature night safaris where you can see large cat species such as lions and leopards that tend to be more active at night. Thus, you have more chances of see them while they’re hunting for food.

One of the best and most conducive camps you can stay in for a unique night safari in Africa experience is Abu Camp. It is an exclusive night safari to stay in the area which is known to be the home of Elephant Back Safaris. It’s the only one of its kind for a night drive.

Experience Luxury and Leopardin Night Safari in Africa Leopard


Abu Camp is located in Okavango Delta in Botswana, covering an area of 400,000 acres of private land. “Abu”, from which the name of the camp was derived, actually refers to the legendary elephant, the star of two blockbuster movies “The Power of One” and “White Hunter, Black Heart”.

In Abu Camp, you’ll experience the rare opportunity of closely interacting with the largest land mammals in the world. In Lower Zambezi in Zambia, you can also go night driving in the Anabezi Tented Camp. The location is quite luxurious because it is absolutely scenic.

Situated along the border of the Mushika Flood plain at its convergence with the Zambezi River, Anabezi Tented Camp is always bustling with wildlife. Ana Trees around the area attract these wild animals, together with its plentiful grazing sections. The park is beautiful and abundant with wildlife with which guests can have a private and first-hand exploration.

In Agama Mara, you can call your night safari luxurious and elegant, considering that it is located in one of the truly spectacular areas in Africa. If you’re looking for a romantic safari experience, you have got to visit Angara Mara. You can view an astonishing profusion of wildlife particularly during the months of June to October when the Great Migration comes about. Angara Mara is indeed spectacular because of it its located on top of the Great Rift Valley where you can have an endless view of the plains of the abundant flora and fauna of the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Spectacular View and Diverse Experience

Experience Luxury and Adventure in Night Safari in Africa Rhino


Moving on to Kruger Park in South Africa, you can book a night drive in Camp Jabulani. Equally luxurious, you can enjoy a unique and diverse exploration in the said part of Africa.

Other than for game driving, you can have fun doing elephant night rides. It is amusing as well to interact with cheetahs. While in Camp Jabulani, you can complement your night safari with a “traditional” safari in the neighboring Timbavati or Sabi Sand regions of Kruger Park.

In Kruger Park in South Africa, you can find the largest herd of trained elephants in the continent. What about the Busanga Bush Camp in Kafue Park in Zambia? Night driving in the Busanga Bush Camp is inimitable, especially because it has a wooded island setting.

The view is astonishing as it overlooks the extensive Busanga Plains. You’ll find the camp in the north-western area of Kafue National Park, known as one of the largest National Parks in Africa. You can lodge in four traditional reed, canvas and thatch safari chalets in Busuanga.

There is a bar, too, that is comfortably laid with the dining table and sitting area in the camp’s idyllic mess tent. In safe countries in Africa, such as Botswana, you can lodge for a night trip in Duba Plains. Duba plains occupy 75,000 acres of private reserve. It is located in the farthest scopes of Okavango Delta, making it one of the park’s most secluded camps.

Because it is lavished with grass floodplains, the camp provides a picturesque view of large herds of buffalo and some other games. The lions, along with other notorious predators are lurking in the same way. Duba is wonderfully wild and its remote setting makes it one of the most conducive night safari locations in Africa.

Enjoy an Amazing Sighting of Africa’s Big 5

If you’re looking for an early 20th-century feel for your night safari in Africa, you have got to make reservations in Honeyguide Tented Camp in Kruger Park in South Africa.

In the camp, you will find 12 canvass tents wherein the atmosphere is tranquil, private and intimate. The Honeyguide Tented Camp is nuzzled beside the river in a forest encompassed by the Manyeleti Game Reserve. It is located in the western section of the great Kruger National Park in South Africa that covers 5.5 million acres of wildlife sanctuary and is a foremost game reserve in the continent.

The Honeyguide Tented Camp in Kruger Park is well-known for frequent sightings of lions, elephants, leopards, buffalos, and rhinos, also referred to as Africa’s big 5. Hundreds of other wildlife species are found in Honeyguide, such as cheetahs, giraffes, wildebeests, and zebras, along with a plethora of others.

A night safari in Africa is a rich experience, one that is not only educational but moving and humbling as well. Look online for an ideal camp to visit in the safe countries in Africa where you can blend luxury and adventure for your night ride adventure.

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