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October, 4th Week

Video by Marianna Hewitt.

Marianna vlogged a safari to Sabi Sands private game reserve, staying at Londolozi.

October, 3rd Week

Video by Chelee Brown

Chelee’s description

Footage was taken on a game reserve in the eastern cape. The youngster is probably about a month old. I used a Nikon D7200 with a 200-500mm lens. Was on early morning drive and the guests loved it.

October, 2nd Week

Video by Protea Shark Divers

Also see their listing in our directory of Travel Operators.

October, 1st Week

Video by GoPro
The GoPro team visits Kevin Peterson in Africa to investigate the future of lions.

September, 4th Week

Video by julioa2008
A spectacular elephant fight.

September, 3rd Week

Video by Pangolin Photo Safaris.

A day with Pangolin Safaris in the Chobe section of Botswana.

September, 2nd Week

Video by Pondoro Game Lodge.

How do lion males react towards their young? In some cases lion males do eat the young when they take over a pride. This is all about energy wasted to protected a line of genes not belonging to the male. But within a pride, a lion male will be quite tolerant towards the kids.

September, 1st Week

Video by Jason Leppan.

His description: Great white in East London. Interesting how close to shore the white came. There were actually two in that area I just couldn’t follow both at the same time with the drone. Pretty sure they will be there for awhile.

August, 5th Week

Watch as a lioness tries everything to get a male interested in her, with no great success. The yawn at the end says it all! Video by Hippo Creek Safaris.

 August, 4th Week

This video by KVERT TV was taken in the Kruger Park. Here a lion attacks a buffalo with some interesting consequences.



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