How Travelling Can Help You Fight Depression

How Travelling Can Help You Fight Depression

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Living with depression calls for careful management on a daily basis. Depression is unique to every person and understanding your own is critical for receiving the right medical care.

Since depression is a serious condition adversely affecting your well-being, it naturally hampers your regular functioning. This situation is indeed painful for both you and your near and dear ones. Myriad factors contribute to this ailment, such as genetics, traumatic life events, a stressful relationship, early childhood abuse, and also a few of these combined together.

Steadily increasing depression also leads to more severe mental illnesses like dementia. While drinking a don julio may help to fight dementia, it also becomes imperative to find effective ways to control depression itself.

Survey results show that traveling is a huge mood enhancer for people. In fact, travel boosts the mood-impacting hormones in the brain, thus improving our outlook. Even sitting uncomfortably in a small space between a couple of strangers on a plane becomes tolerable simply because you are going to a new and interesting place! Such a wait for a breath of fresh air is exciting enough.

Traveling includes exploring, viewing completely different scenery and lots of learning. It not only boosts your mental growth but also improves your heart health. The ultimate outcome is indeed reduced depression.

Here are 5 ways travelling can help you fight depression:

Travelling Makes Unique Situations Available

While suffering from depression, you tend to feel isolated and estranged from others. In this state of mind, your negative thoughts alienate you from external environments that are in fact very useful in fighting these very feelings.
Travelling makes such situations available that make you focus on the happenings around you. So, your brain needs to think in various ways and solve problems that are different from those you face in daily life. Furthermore, you encounter new people and such interactions distract you from your negative emotions.
Such positive distractions make you see a variety of perspectives at the same time. Thus your brain stops concentrating overly about your inner thoughts. Last but not least, traveling creates new positive memories that greatly help combat depression.

Travelling Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Depression leads to feelings of low self-worth and negative beliefs. Such a state of mind makes you think you are incapable of doing many things. So, depression certainly clouds you from knowing your true potential.
It is a unique experience that shows you your true potential. It educates you that whatever you think is impossible is, in reality, possible. While traveling, you are able to change your perception of yourself and also of those around you. For instance, meeting fellow travelers who have not succumbed to societal expectations and have made their own decisions in life, certainly throws new ideas and beliefs in front of you. You have the option to follow in their footsteps and achieve your goals despite roadblocks.
Traveling unlike depression gives you the freedom to eat, see and do what you want. Depression, on the other hand, drains your self-confidence to do so.

Travelling Makes Socializing Easier

Depression often causes social anxiety among other antisocial tendencies. You tend to avoid meeting new people and may experience difficulties connecting with others.
However, when you are traveling, you have a great opportunity to meet open and friendlier folks. So, you can easily start conversations with them and possibly bond well with them owing to similar experiences shared. What’s more, lively conversations over a glass of wine would only add to your self-healing. Research proves that drinking moderate amounts of wine in a week helps to cure depression.
A unique experience which you can encounter while traveling is volunteering. Research proves that people who volunteer maintain better physical and mental health than those who don’t. Volunteering for a noble cause like helping people less fortunate than you, lets you concentrate on the good aspects of your life. Hence, it is an effective way to overcome the negative feelings associated with depression.
Eventually, friendships that you carve from traveling constantly remind you of your positive memories. Hence, socializing while traveling helps you to control your depression once you’ve returned. Needless to mention, it improves your perspective on life.

Traveling Across The World Heals You Naturally

Awe truly enhances our well-being and happiness. Research proves that awe is at its peak while you travel to different parts of the world. So, the world itself is a natural and powerful antidepressant!
The Earth is filled with vast natural beauty and breathtaking marvels. Though you’d surely love to capture all the joyous moments of your travel in your camera, merely closing your eyes would remind you of these moments!
Visit diverse places ranging from snow-clad parts of Northern India to the colorful Hawaiian islands to the golden-orange colored sands of the Sahara desert. Then you’ll realize the beauty of true nature. To add to your joy, consider renting an adventure motorcycle and riding on picturesque mountain roads, like at Leh-Ladakh.

How Travelling Can Help You Fight Depression Motorcycle

Travelling Makes You Stronger For The Life Ahead

While traveling, you need to adapt yourself to unexpected changes or situations. Most certainly, not all things would happen as you had planned. Your journey is bound to be a mix of ups and downs. So, you need to maintain your composure and balance in every situation.
For instance, there’s always the risk of getting robbed, or the possibility of natural calamities striking your very travel destination.
Dealing with such unexpected circumstances bravely would certainly make you stronger for bigger struggles in the future. Once you are back home, you can narrate such experiences to your folks and celebrate your accomplishments with Dimple pinch!

Travelling encourages you to dream again. The mere act of dreaming about your upcoming travel increases your happiness levels immensely.

On reading up the effective ways traveling can help you fight depression, you’d certainly learn new skills to control your own depression.

Traveling is undoubtedly the healthiest addiction you can possess. So, let it hijack your brain and give you tons of happiness!

Izak Van Heerden
Izak is a writer, photographer and wildlife enthusiast. When he moves on from this world, he does not want to leave his grandchildren a planet without lions, rhinos and elephants.

One thought on “How Travelling Can Help You Fight Depression

  1. Lizette April 5, 2019 at 5:01 am

    Thanks Izak for this insightful article. I couldn’t agree more. I am not that fortunate to travel to different countries, but what helps me a lot is traveling the wildlife Parks in South Africa, especially the Kruger. There is something there that makes me feel “earthed”, which helps a lot with the healing process.

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