Lion Park Protest Pictures

Lion Park – Global March for Lions

It seems that the Lion Park Animal Rights Protest close to Johannesburg South Africa on 21 March 2015 was met by an equal and opposite reaction from across the road.

Signs to the tune of “Please take a copy of our ‘Response to CBS’ to obtain the truth”, “Our cubs never end up being hunted” were displayed while songs were sung and taunts were thrown across the street¬†at the animal rights activists.

This in contrast to signs like “Bred for the Bullet” and “Petted and Shot For Profit” displayed by the activists.


Lion Park Protest Images


The Lion Park in Lanseria received some bad press recently when animal rights activists accused it of selling its mature lions to canned hunting operations.







Lion Park Protest Images


Below some images from the activist side of the road.








Lion Park Image


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