5 Undiscovered Camping Destinations in South Africa

5 Undiscovered Camping Destinations in South Africa

Africa is a camper’s heaven. If you’re a frequent traveler, always on the lookout for exotic camping destinations away from the bustling cities, Africa is a continent that’ll never disappoint you.

From a diverse terrain to the most secluded undiscovered camping destinations, there’s something for everyone. So whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, here are five top camping destinations in Africa that you need to visit. It’ll broaden your horizon and introduce you to the wonders called life.

It is important to keep in mind that the camping sites mentioned here are regulated and maintained. This also means you must pre-book your camping plans to make sure there are no last-minute cancelations.

Bontle Camping Site, Marakele National Park

5 Undiscovered Camping Destinations in South Africa Marakele

If mountains and wildlife are on your mind and you don’t want to risk your life, the Bontle Camping Site is the perfect weekend getaway for you. In the heart of the Waterberg Mountains, this sanctuary offers the firsthand interaction with Mother Nature, impalas, zebras, and warthogs. The picturesque scenery sketched by idyllic mountains gives the perfect reason to load your car with a picnic basket and your loved ones, drive through this pass and find that perfect brief vacation that re-energizes you for weeks.

This place is perfect for families and friendly gatherings. However, young children might not like the direct interaction with the wild. You must pre-book your spot.

Fiddlers Creek Rest Camp, Orange River

5 Undiscovered Camping Destinations in South Africa Orange River
Image courtesy Wikipedia


If endless stretches of water fascinate you and you want to spend great time nestled on the banks of the mighty Orange River, the Fiddlers Creek Rest Camp is the place to be. What makes this site better than most others is the way it has been upgraded with necessities that offer the perfect luxury getaway from life without ending up in the middle of nowhere.

You can find water and electricity alongside a fully equipped kitchen, bar, volleyball court, and a pool table. If you’d like to take it a step further, go for the Orange River Rafting excursions. Be lost in the wilderness and find that missing link in your life that can change everything.

A group of friends can have the time of their lives here! Families can also enjoy bonding over simple things. But if you’re afraid of watersports or water-bodies, this place probably isn’t for you!

Beaverlac Camping, Cederberg

5 Undiscovered Camping Destinations in South Africa Cederberg
Image Courtesy Pixabay

The Olifants River Mountains, the highlight of Beaverlac Camping grounds, offers the perfect mix of mountains, pools, and peace. Equipped with two mountain bike trails and several hiking trails, this place is a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts. Get on a hiking trail to explore the surrounding beauty on foot or take in a dip in the rock pool to relax, there’s no way you can go wrong with this wild destination. If you’re accompanied by pets, they’ll have just as good a time here as yourself.

And that’s not it; for those who enjoy natural formations and rock art, this place is amply equipped with everything to keep you engrossed for hours at a stretch. Explore the caves and observe natural rock formations to get that much-needed break from the metropolitan life.

This place is ideal for families. There’s activity for everyone and every taste. Swimmers can enjoy their time in the pool, hikers can enjoy the scenery and the trails, bikers can have their own gang and competitions, etc. It is impossible to get bored here!

Albert Falls, Pietermaritzburg

5 Undiscovered Camping Destinations in South Africa Albert Falls
Image courtesy Wikipedia

If imagining a stroll on the lakeside and enjoying the view of the setting sun sounds like your idea of a perfect weekend getaway, the Albert Falls is where you need to be. Convince your loved one to accompany you here and you’ll never get bored. The place is popular with those who love fishing. This campsite is equipped with most of the modern amenities so you don’t feel you’re lost in the jungle. Besides this, the site can accommodate 20 families at a time so you won’t find people tumbling over each other to enjoy the views and have their barbeques. It’s peaceful and perfectly accessible for all the right reasons.

Secret Falls, Tulbagh

5 Undiscovered Camping Destinations in South Africa Secret Falls Tulbagh
Image courtesy www.secret-falls-tulbagh.com

Talk about secluded and inaccessible, the Secret Falls can only be accessed with four by fours. Just about a 100kms out of Cape Town, it takes a lot of courage and skillful driving capabilities to get here. The good part is that this place only accommodates seven families. It can’t get any more private than this. With a spectacular view of the countryside, you can either enjoy your personal space, jump on a hiking trail and explore the unknown, find a biking trail that challenges your inner spirits or soak in the private pool that comes with the campsite.


For all the right reasons, this place is believed to be the perfect one for couples (new and old). With clear surroundings, fewer people, and lots of personal space, this is one place you should definitely visit with your loved one. Make sure you’ve booked in advance to avoid unpleasant circumstances. On the same note, this might be the right time to polish your driving skills so you’re prepared for whatever is in store for you along the way.


Africa is a continent full of wonders, mysteries, and unmatched beauties. Whether you’re here on vacation or if this is your home, there will always be something new to explore. There are several dozen campsites all over Africa so if you’re an avid traveler, you’ll never get bored. Most of these campsites have been turned up a notch with some necessities so it doesn’t feel too alien. If you’re looking for a mini-adventure away from home, pack your canvas bell tents and head to Africa. This is the way to go! All the best!


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