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Self Discovery through African Safaris

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A treasured memory of mine is, when driving into the Kruger Park for the very first time, the excitement mixed with a sense of serenity I felt as the dry wind blew through my hair from the cranked-down window. The impression that time had just been rewound for hundreds of years, the excitement of what animal I could see beyond the next rise was a feeling that could not be matched by any other experience I’ve ever had.

Most travelers can tell you that the best place for self-discovery is where you come into total contact with nature since it has the secret path towards the inner self. Nature also has abundant peace and spending some time in the natural world allows one to tap into this peace.

If you wonder if such places exist, doubt not, since Africa has many natural places for self-discovery. From the great grasslands of Africa, the encounters with some indigenous tribes of Africa to the up-close encounter with varieties of wild animals, African Safaris keeps you connected with mother earth.

Some of the best beautiful places in the world and in Africa that you can consider for such an adventure include;

Selinda and Okavango Delta in Botswana

Botswana is a meagerly populated country with large and perfect desert areas. The country has put conservation at the front position and in doing so, they offer vacationers places to study, survey, reflect and adventure. These places are outstanding private reserves that has enormous flocks of wild animals migrating from the Selinda Spillway and Okavango Delta to the arid region of Kalahari. The astral landscape of the Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana is simply one of the best safaris in Africa.

Some of the activities that take place at Selinda and Okavango Delta include;

  • Flying with a light airplane to the isolated northern parts of Botswana, as you watch the biggest inland wetland in the world.
  • Viewing of the endless waterbirds, hippos, buffalos and elephants, while riding on a speedboat.
  • Enjoying sundowners under the star, giving out tales as hyenas laugh at a far distance.

South Africa Safaris

South Africa is secure, exciting, good looking and can be easily navigated. This makes it an excellent luxury safari target for anyone since it offers all wonderful wildlife, passionate landscapes and stunning beaches.

Some of the activities that take place in South Africa Classic Safari include;

  • Sabi Sands gives the best big five game drive and viewing.
  • Enjoying a jet ride to Cape Town as you go and visit the outstanding Cape Wine lands.
  • Watch ocean creatures like turtles as they appear along the beaches to lay their eggs.

Mara River Crossing Safaris

The Mara River flows between Kenya and Tanzania, and it is the place of one of the very spectacular events of once a year migration, where millions of zebras, antelope and wildebeest move north towards the Serengeti to look for food. In this safari, you get to observe countries wildebeest arraign across the Mara River as they move across the Serengeti. If you are very keen, you can see the amazing power of the African crocodile as it molests its unsuspecting kill from underneath the water’s surface.

Some of the activities that take place at Mara River Crossing Safari include;

  • Driving along the Lamai triangle, as you take a look at the, flourishing grassland, rolling hills and tree-lined waterways.
  • Viewing of animals and their predator like lions, wild cats from above the sky using a hot air balloon.
  • Black Rhino are also spotted at the game reserves, and they are many.
  • Visiting the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, which happens to be the highest mountain in Africa
  • Walking and interacting with the Maasai people in that region.

Big Cat Conservation Safari in Kenya

Kenya happens to be the best place for African’s iconic safari since it has the largest wide-open savannahs spotted with single acacia trees and flocks of antelope, elephant, and giraffe. As if this is not enough, most of these natural phenomena have also been written in story books for people to read.

Some of the activities that take place at these Kenyan Safaris include:

  • Conservation issue from human and wildlife conflict over water management
  • Interacting with the local people, renowned for their traditions, beauty, and endurance
  • Standing plain feet from several of Africa’s biggest tusked elephants
  • Sleeping outside as you watch stars after eating dinner and bonfire talks
  • Watching the exclusive behavior of rare African wild dogs at Sosian
  • Hiking to the pinnacle of Ol Donyo hills
  • Bike riding across the plain grassland

Tips on How to Navigate These Best Beautiful Places in the World

  • Don’t over-shop or over-pack for your trip to Africa – let necessity be your guide.
  • Don’t carry all your belongings while going for a game drive – The tour jeeps are not met for comfort; they are used to take people round the game reserve.
  • Also, go for an all purpose lens or camera that can zoom and pan out for a scenery shot.
  • Light and portable is your friend.
  • Be careful – the animals are wild.  Africa is not a theme park – the animals are not restrained or trained on how to interact with people. Don’t get out of your vehicle in a Big 5 game park for ANY reason.
  • Make your guide a close friend, and follow what he or she tells you.
  • Not all safaris are planned the same – different safari companies usually plan different events. It is therefore good to consult with the guides and staff of that given resort.

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To Conclude

An African safari should be among the best memories in your life, especially the loving and welcoming people of Africa who happen to value their culture and have a strange symbiotic relationship with the animals that surround them. Therefore, always have a positive mindset whenever you go for a safari, and it will always be amazing.

Evans Lily
Evans Lily is the founder of SkyWeFly, where I and my associates blog about photographs, stories and travel tips that will help you make a great journey. I hope to bring my passion to more people via SkyWeFly

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