The Best Camping Spots in Botswana for Happy Campers

The Best Camping Spots in Botswana for Happy Campers

Going on a camping trip to Botswana requires a great deal of planning and preparation. Many of the best spots are only accessible with a 4×4 vehicle, or at least a vehicle with a diff-lock. Expect to drive on rough roads and heavy sand. But as with most things in life, the potential rewards are so much greater if you are prepared to venture off the beaten track.

It can be quite tricky to book some campsites in Botswana. Other campgrounds are run by private sectors while some by the DWNP or Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks. However, some parks will require you to juggle some requirements for booking. So, if you are planning to choose the best camping spots in Botswana, these are the things you’ll need to know.

Booking Campsites in Botswana

Here are some things you need to consider when selecting top campgrounds in Botswana:

–    Deciding on Your Campsite

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The first thing you have to do is to find the ideal route. Then, you must choose some other backup campgrounds in the same location. You may obtain a map of Botswana or search online and get the idea of each campsite. To book a campsite on the date you desire, you have to ask the availability of the campground before heading there.

–    Determine the Operators of the Sites

The next thing you have to do is to know the operators of every campsite. If the operator’s campground is already full, it is unnecessary to inquire about the booking requirements. So, you have to settle on other nearby sites that are available.

–    Booking a Combination of a Private and DWNP Campsite

If you want to stay at a mixed Private and DWNP campgrounds, you need to confirm the availability at these sectors. You do not need to pay until you have fully booked the trip. However, once you reserved the DWNP site, you may get in touch with the private operators and know the availability of the campsite.

If the dates are available, you need to book and pay for the individual sites. Then, you need to go back to the DWNP to shell out the money for the bookings. You can take advantage of doing this method since you can send the private camp vouchers to the DWNP. Then, pay for them for the DWNP campground and parking fee.

The Best Camping Spots in Botswana

Here are some of the best campgrounds when you decide on your camping trip in Botswana:

–    Duba Plains

The Best Camping Spots in Botswana for Happy Campers Duba

It is s six-tented, an intimate remote campsite in the Okavango Delta. You can find the Duba Plains in a 77,000-acre private island enclosed by seasonal floodplains. As mentioned, it contains six tents, filled and raised with accouterments of innovation. It has gym equipment and Swarovski binoculars. The main areas have a bar, a dining table, and an outside campfire. So, all you need to do is just bring your camping essentials like backpacking stoves.

Surrounded by trees, the campsite boasts its ebony trees, garcinia, and Kigelia. For high seasons, you have to expect a payment of $1,495 per person each night. For low seasons, you will only shell out at least $990.

–    Mombo Camp

The Best Camping Spots in Botswana for Happy Campers Mombo

Mombo Camp has nine tents in the central area. Then, it has three shelters as an addition to the main site called the Little Mombo. It is a well-known expensive and luxurious campsite in Botswana. For $1600 per night during peak seasons, you will get a huge walk-in tented suit with benefits. It has walkways to an open restaurant, bar, and view. In fact, you can look directly on the flood plain.

There is also an excellent cuisine and top wines found in South Africa. Plus, it contains an array of cocktails that you can thoroughly enjoy. The Camp on Mombo, which joins the northern edge of Chief’s Island, has the best game viewing in Delta. Also, there are enormous concentrations of plains game, including red lechwe, kudu, and impala.

–    Little Vumbura

It is a six-tented campsite to the Northern Mombo in a private reserve that borders the Moremi Game Reserve. Moremi contains the acacia forests and the mopane woodland. Moreover,  it also has the lagoons and the floodplains. You can also go through the flood plains in the canoes and go sightseeing to see the animals in the savannah. Also, night drives and walks are well-known in the area. For the high season, the rate shoots up to $1413 for each person per night. For low season, it will go as low as $903.

–    Selinda Campsite

The Best Camping Spots in Botswana for Happy Campers Selinda

It is a nine-tent camp that is in the Selinda Reserve. It is a great wilderness in Northern Botswana, and it settles on the banks of the Eastern Selinda Spillway. After the dry season, the ancient waterway flows back again. Then, it links to the Linyanti waters of the Eastern Botswana.

You can appreciate the floodplains and Borassus palms in the larger decks of the main campground. There are also herds of Cape buffalo and elephant. And if you are fortunate enough, you can even see crocodiles. The rooms contain outdoor bathrooms with huge tubs, making this camp a bit expensive. In fact, it goes up to $1415 per person each night during the peak season.

–    Kwetsani

One of the most private camps in Delta is Kwetsani. It is a six-roomed camp found at the Western part of Mombo and the Moremi Reserve. It is somewhat an elongated island covered with palm, fig trees, and mangosteen. Also, elephants wander around this area. But, one of the greatest excitements to see in Kwetsani is the waterways following the squacco herons that powers the Top Gun pilots.

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