Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts for 2015

Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts

Do you love reading about travel and all things connected with exploring the globe?

There are thousands of brilliant travel blogs to be found if you know where to look.  Some you may simply glance at and forget, while others are so humorous, helpful, inspirational or addictive that you return time and again for another fix.

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Just like art, blogs and bloggers are subjective and what may captivate us could very well leave you stone cold, but we hope you will have a look and perhaps become a follower of some of the following bloggers.

Best African Safari Blog Posts for 2015

Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts for 2015

  1. – Why you should spend money on travel rather than things

Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts for 2015 - Duff

The title says it all, and I believe it is required reading for anyone who loves to travel.  Sometimes we become so wrapped-up in our everyday lives that we need to stop, step back a little and give some thought to priorities!  Is a new couch (or something equally banal) really more important than a memorable travel experience?

  1. – Journey through Zimbabwe, Part 1

Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts for 2015

Have you have ever wondered what it would be like to travel overland through Zimbabwe?  If so, this humorous account (in 7 parts!) is just what you need to read.  Richard Senior has an interesting style of travel writing and a knack for telling a good story that captivates the imagination.

  1. – Reasons to road trip to South Africa’s Karoo

Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts for 2015

Many people shudder at the thought of driving through the Karoo and consider the landscape to be stark, dry and, (dare we say it?) boring.  However, I am willing to bet good money that once you settle down to read all about blogger Lauren McShanes adventures in the Karoo you will change your mind.  Lauren has a wonderfully descriptive way of writing about all the hidden gems of this often-overlooked region of South Africa, and her photos are brilliant.

4. – Exploring Uganda: from lazy days to raging waves

Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts for 2015 - Global Grasshoppers

Uganda may not be at the top of your personal travel wish-list, but that could well change after you read this enchanting blog from  Most travellers associate Uganda travel with Mountain Gorilla Trekking, since it is one of just three places in Africa (together with the DRC and Rwanda) where you can get up close and personal with some of the most endangered creatures on the planet.  However, Uganda has a great deal more to offer intrepid explorers as you can find out in this blog.  Once again, there are some great photos to whet your appetite.

5. – Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Best Travel Blog Posts

Although Kate’s The Small Things Blog is focused on hair care and beauty, her husband Justin posted his attempt on Mount Kilimanjaro on the blog. In his article he paints a vivid picture of the increasing discomfort his group endured each day on their way to the summit. His attention to the smaller details of the climb had us immersed in his journey.

  1. – 16 Travel Ideas for your Bucket List

Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts for 2015 - Travrlground

It’s never a bad idea to have a bucket-list of must-see destinations and adventures that you can keep referring back to and gathering info about.  If you happen to live in sunny South Africa and are into extreme sports, that list could well become very long indeed!  The secret is to prioritise your SA wish list, and this blog from will get all the adventure-seekers among you salivating!

  1. – My top Africa travel tips

Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts for 2015 - Wanderlust

Are you a solo traveler?  More specifically, are you a female solo traveler who does not live in Africa? If so, this blog is definitely required reading before you set off on your adventure. (Although it is primarily aimed at solo female adventurers, all travelers will be able to take away a great deal of info from this blog).  Helen is from the UK, but has a deep and abiding love of the African continent that literally shines through her writing.  Because she usually travels solo she has experienced all the possible difficulties that come with the territory and this blog is a mine of information about every aspect of independent travel in Africa.

  1. – Empowering women in Addis Ababa

Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts for 2015 - GirlVsGlobe

This one is not strictly a travel blog, but more of an eye-opener, especially for visitors who are not familiar with African customs.  Sabina from paints a sometimes sad/ sometimes heart-warming picture of everyday life for the women of Ethiopia, who still face many daily challenges in their patriarchal society, where many of the things Western women take for granted, such as education, freedom of expression and personal independence are but a pipe dream!  Thousands of women all over Africa face similar challenges to those faced by Ethiopian women and this blog helps spread the word about the difficult business of changing the status quo, one woman at a time.

  1. – Nine random fun things in Joburg

Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts for 2015 - 2Summers

On an altogether more cheerful note this blog from an American-turned-Jozi-fan is great light reading and will educate you about many fun and quirky things to do in Johannesburg that most residents will not have encountered!  Perhaps because Heather is not a home-grown Joey’s resident, she is passionate about exploring all the nooks and crannies that most people ignore and her blog is fresh, light and informative all at the same time.

  1. – Mafate a village cut off from the world

Top 10 African Travel Blog Posts for 2015 - Fractions

Fractions of the world takes us on a beautifully photo documented visit to the volcanic island of La Reunion. The article features breathtaking photographs of cloud covered mountain vistas and the beautiful village of Mafate, today a Unesco World Heritage Site, where runaway slaves once made their home.


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    Thanks so much for including me Izak! Your description of my blog made me feel really proud. Thanks so much, you made my day! 🙂

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      Yes 8000 miles in a plane can drag on.

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