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Travel Photography Tips and Tricks

Traveling is something we all have enjoyed since our childhood. It is an experience that can rejuvenate a mind, soul and the body. Some of us might want to capture those moments so that they can always keep those mementos close to their hearts.

So here are some tips and tricks on photography, one can keep in mind while clicking photographs and also enjoy traveling. These tips can be used for both digital cameras as well as DSLR cameras (learn more).

Travel Light and Carry Less Stuff

We might all get carried away with the excitement that comes along with traveling, and might carry an immense about of luggage that might be hard to handle. One prerequisite of travel photography is to carry as less as possible. This is because of the unknown terrain or conditions we might have to deal with trying to get the perfect shot.

Some might want to have a glimpse of the excellent mountains or the shot of a lush green valley from a particular height. Practically, you cannot ask anyone to carry that luggage for you while you are busy trying to get an angle.

Carrying the Right Lenses

Travel Photography Tips and Tricks Lenses
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Photography enthusiasts understand that a particular lens is only able to capture specific photographic composition. While traveling, we might come across majestic picturesque visions that we might want to capture in it our camera. But to get that particular shot, we might need a particular lens.

Make sure to carry all the lenses, or at least the ones you think would be suitable for the destined location. The most favored lenses for travel photography are- a prime portrait lens (50mm or 85mm); a wide angle lens (10-24mm); and a telephoto lens (70-200mm).

Carry Extra Memory Cards or Backup

No matter how much we try, we will always end up shooting more awesome photos, even while knowing that we won’t have that extra space in our memory card. To avoid situations of full memory with no backup to click more pictures, always carry two extra memory cards with you. If possible, carry your laptop and USB cable as well so that you can transfer photos of each day into your hard drive.

It is favorable to carry extra backup because God forbid your memory card gets corrupt and you might end up losing all those precious clicks. This trick is also helpful for the ones who prefer to click RAW images since it takes a lot of space.

Travel Photography Tips and Tricks
Image Courtesy Pixabay

Carry a Small Notebook to Write Notes

You might be wondering why it is necessary to carry a notebook and write notes while you would most probably remember when you took those photographs. Many travel photographers have advised to always make small notes with each moment you capture. It is not always to memory that might stay, but recorded things can always be preserved.

Making notes about the day or each photograph would help you to insert small sound bites and even help you to create a photo-magazine with contexts for each picture. It is a useful activity since you can also write a book about the experiences, if interested.

Discover New Places

Travel Photography Tips and Tricks Discover
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Before visiting a place for traveling, we all do thorough research about the places we would be going, the places that might interest us, and most specifically, the places which would have photographic scenery. Though it is the perception of the photographers that produce masterpieces, and not the actual location, let us admit that we still need to search for photogenic places. Along with it, you should also discover new places, especially the ones which have not been recorded or captured by others. Such discoveries give us a new perspective to a particular location, and it also gives us a sense of joy for being original with a composition.

Talk with People

A lot of people do not realize the value of communicating with the locals. Photography is not just about capturing the moment, but there can be a lot of elements within a picture that can open up when we talk with the local people.

Furthermore, if you are someone who is interested in portraits, be courteous enough to ask for permissions. How would you feel if some random stranger started taking your pictures? Do not simply start clicking them!

Start a conversation, get to know more about their lives and then carry a photo shoot when they are comfortable with you in their surroundings.



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