Wild and Wonderful Cape Town

Wild and Wonderful Cape Town

Cape Town – one of South Africa’s prized cities. Situated on a peninsula at the very southwestern tip of South Africa, it is a port town favored for its beauty and plentiful enjoyments.

But did you know that Cape Town also offers a multitude of opportunities to experience the wild side of Africa?

If you are planning a visit to Cape Town anytime soon, here are ten sanctuaries that you should consider making time to visit to get up close and personal with the incredible wildlife of Africa and to learn about these beautiful animals and how to help protect them.

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  1. World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary & Monkey Park

World of Birds is one of the most popular attractions for tourists during their visit.

It is one of the world’s largest bird parks, and the largest bird sanctuary in all of Africa. It houses over 3,000 birds and some small animals, with over 400 difference species represented.

It’s easy to spend a whole day at the sanctuary, with passes for all ages and group discounts, as well as the option to bring your own picnic or purchase refreshments at their food kiosk.

  1. Cheetah Outreach

Wild and Wonderful Cape Town Cheetah

Cheetah Outreach was founded in 1997 by Annie Beckhelling. It began as a tiny sanctuary with just two cheetahs, but had a big mission.

Today, the outreach offers many educational and community-based outreach programmes. It’s primary mission is to raise awareness about the serious plight that cheetahs are in and their fight for survival.

You can visit their sanctuary and education center and even experience an animal encounter.

  1. Wildlife Act

The Wildlife Act at Cape Town is an organization committed to saving endangered species, particularly the Black Rhino, Painted Dog, and Vulture, though their efforts also include Cheetah, Elephants and others.

Wildlife Act achieves its mission through numerous community outreach events and activities, including bush camps for both adults and children, community talks, and education programs.

  1. Duiker Island

Wild and Wonderful Cape Duiker Island
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A very small island off the coast of Cape Town, Duiker Island is covered with marine life, including birds and most famously, fur seals. It is an incredibly popular spot for tourists, as it grants a glimpse into the daily life of some of the fur seal.

Take a charter boat to go see the wild seals up close and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

  1. Inverdoorn Game Reserve

Inverdoorn reserve features the “Big 5:” lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo. The reserve is also home to giraffes and cheetahs and a thriving cheetah rescue program. The owners are dedicated to wildlife and habitat conservation and are active in bringing awareness to their surrounding communities.

The reserve offers day trip safaris, overnight safaris, cheetah encounters, daily programming, private safaris, and luxury guest accommodations for those wanting to make a longer trip of the visit.

  1. Aquila Private Game Reserve

Wild and Wonderful Cape Town Aquila

Like Inverdoorn, Aquila offers the opportunity to take safaris and encounter the “Big 5” among other wildlife. They are committed to wildlife conservation, rehabilitation and re-introduction, anti-poaching programmes, and land rehabilitation as well as eco-friendly tourism.

They offer half-day, full-day, and overnight safaris, as well as luxury accommodations and other encounters.

  1. Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre

Wild and Wonderful Cape Town Giraffe House

Tourists can visit the Giraffe House where they can encounter and learn about a wide variety of Africa’s unique animals. From giraffes, to ostriches, Meer cats, and beyond, you can meet them all and learn more about them when you attend the informative wildlife conservation program.

  1. Cape of Good Hope

Wild and Wonderful Cape Town Cape Point

A wildlife-rich section of the Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town, the Cape of Good Hope offers visitors a chance to see Eland, Zebra, Bontebok (antelope), and Red Hartebeest. This section of the park offers hiking and picnic spots in plenty.

9. Table Mountain National Park

Wild and Wonderful Cape Town Table Mountain

With so much to do and beautiful nature to see, every Cape Town visitor should plan a day trip to the Table Mountain National Park. The park is full of wildlife, and one of the coastline areas is even home to a rare African penguin colony. Multiple days could be spent venturing into the park.

  1. Rondevlei Nature Reserve

Located in the Cape Town suburbs of Grassy Park, Zeekoevlei and Lavenderhill, Rondevlei Nature Reserve consists of a large lagoon full of bird life. It is home to the only population of hippos in Cape Town. Visitors can take a trip and spend time in the bird viewing huts to catch glimpses of the diverse bird life as well as the plentiful hippos swimming and feeding at the lagoon.

After an afternoon of wildlife viewing, visitors can stop at the tearoom on the Rondevlei’s banks for refreshments.

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